Me Too


This area of law covers a wide range of litigation with the goal to be compensated for a wrong. It also crosses over with Personal Injury, Business Law, and Police Brutality.

Notable Wins

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Heywood v. Buckley

We allege that our client Daralyn Heywood was subjected to lewd and sexually suggestive comments by her supervisor Lieutenant Kevin Buckley. This case is awaiting trial, and was delayed due to COVID-19. Due to regulations pertaining to commentary on pending cases, we attach the court’s opinion denying summary judgment. Note that Ms. Heywood’s case was covered by the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team. The article can be found here.

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Massachusetts State Police and Barbara Bennett

Our client joined the State Police at the age of 19.  She was a civilian administrator, became widely respected and advanced for almost twenty-years.

Then she was placed under the supervision an openly gay female Lieutenant.   The Lieutenant became sexually attracted to our client, repeatedly made advances to her,  and retaliated when rebuffed.  Our client’s workplace became unsafe and she was forced to resign. We sued and achieved a multi six figure settlement.  This case was one of the first in the nation that resulted from same harassment