Nov 18, 2015

The First Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an order that a Boston Police Sergeant pay Scott Matalon a total of $184,642.35 for an illegal armed invasion into his home. The award includes damages and attorney’s fees.

On September 29, 2010, Scott Matalon was home, asleep in his bed, on the third floor of a single family triple-decker in Allston Massachusetts. He was awakened by a cacophony of sound; barking dogs, his parrots squawking, and strangers speaking in loud tones. He tossed on a pair of trousers and raced downstairs.

In his living room, Scott discovered several police officers and two frightening, barking dogs. Long a bird lover, he kept parrots who were squealing with trauma. His initial reaction was disbelief and shock. He expressed himself in strong terms and was ordered outdoors. Within a few moments he was bruised and battered, under arrest.

He had done nothing wrong whatsoever.

The ringleader of this gross police abuse was Sergeant Mary Ann O’Neil. O’Neil claimed to be looking for a robber who had allegedly held up a nearby restaurant. There was absolutely no evidence the alleged robber had anything to with the Matalon home.

Matalon was arrested on trumped up charges for daring to protest.

The jury also found Joseph Hynes liable for using excessive force in arresting Mr. Matalon.

Scott Matalon stated:

“It has been five (5) long years but I am proud I stood up for my rights.”

Mr. Matalon’s attorney, Robert S. Sinsheimer, said in a statement:

“This important First Circuit decision puts an end to the Police attempt to defend the indefensible. Had O’Neil apologized there may have been no lawsuit. Her brazen abuse of her badge was shocking. Thanks to the First Circuit, we will all be a little safer in our homes tonight.”