Mar 25, 2015

appealsIt is an unfortunate reality in our court system that persons in the right are not always successful at the trial court level. When this happens to you, your case can be appealed to a panel of judges for vindication.

Sinsheimer & Associates is adept at all aspects of State and Federal appellate practice. The lawyers of Sinsheimer & Associates have successfully fought appeals in a variety of legal areas, including: criminal, business, and election.

Potential clients must note that it is often necessary to file notices promptly after judgment to protect appellate rights. If you are contemplating an appeal, time is of the essence and you should contact an attorney immediately.

Notable Wins



Commonwealth v. Adkinson
In a groundbreaking decision, Sinsheimer & Associates fought successfully to have the Massachusetts Court of Appeals recognize that battered women’s syndrome can affect a person’s decision making and competency at trial. Here, the lawyers were able to shave almost 20 years off of Ms. Adkinson’s sentence.
Fahey et. al v. Newton Election Commission et. al.
The ballots for Newton School Committee positions were poised to be sent to the printer without incumbent Jonathan Yeo’s name. Mr. Yeo’s residency qualification had been challenged in a formal suit, and a Middlesex Superior Court judge had ordered, just days before the ballots were to be printed, that his name be removed because he did not qualify. Sinsheimer & Associates, in a battle against the clock, fought to get the matter before the single justice of the Massachusetts Court of Appeals. After holding an emergency hearing on the issue, Associate Justice Elspeth Cypher vacated the Superior Court ruling and ordered that the “Clerk of the City of Newton shall not strike Jonathan Yeo’s name from the ballot for election of school committee.”
Commonwealth v. Gardner
After the imposition of an illegal incarcerated sentence, the lawyers of Sinsheimer & Associates went to work immediately to get an emergency hearing in front of the Single Justice of the Appeals Court, and got Ms. Gardner released within 1 week of her incarceration.