Our success is based on the ability to look at the board and know the right move.

Who We Are

Sinsheimer & Associates is a litigation firm built on over 40 years of trial experience. Founder Robert S. Sinsheimer opened Sinsheimer & Associates with an eye towards providing a range of high-quality litigation services for his clientele.

Our Pride

Sinsheimer & Associates prides itself on being on the side of justice. We passionately defend the rights of persons accused of crimes, including white collar crimes and homicide. We also fight on behalf of persons who suffer the abuses of police brutality, which includes not only physical violence, but testilying and false arrest. We hold doctors and hospitals responsible for malpractice. We ensure that victims of violence feel vindicated.

Outstanding Experience

Sinsheimer & Associates also brings outstanding experience to business disputes. We have negotiated favorable business divorces. We have helped resolve contract disputes. We have protected beneficiaries from unscrupulous Trustees.


At Sinsheimer & Associates, our emphasis is on collaboration. Our small team of attorneys work together to provide high quality legal services. We routinely partner with outside firms if necessary to guarantee that you receive the representation you deserve.


Our hands-on approach means that you will always receive ample time and attention from attorney Sinsheimer, who will always be knowledgeable about your case and invested in your success.


At Sinsheimer & Associates, we ensure that every person looking for legal advice understands each and every one of their rights at every stage throughout the complex litigation process.

Our Team

The lawyers of Sinsheimer & Associates bring expertise, strategy, and insight to their cases. A unique combination of backgrounds and experiences allows them to bring these qualities to an unusually broad array of litigation issues and strategies. Deep seeded knowledge of the law combined with unyielding determination to succeed has earned them the respect of others in the field, and an unequaled reputation as warriors for justice.

Practice Areas