Victim’s Rights

Victim’s Rights

despairWhen you or a loved one has been victimized by crime, you need an attorney who is compassionate and strong to stand up for you and make sure your voice is heard. Victims of violent crime can often feel as though the criminal justice system has left them on the sidelines. We can make sure that not only is your voice heard in the criminal court, deciding the fate of the person who injured you, but that it is also heard in a civil court where the only focus is on getting justice for you.

Notable Wins




Death of College aged son
$500,000 Plaintiff’s son was attacked by fellow students at a New Hampshire college. The attackers were highly intoxicated. The victim was struck in the face. He fell backwards and hit the back of his head on the edge of a concrete curb. He developed a subdural hematoma and, within a few weeks, passed away.The family of the deceased felt victimized a second time by the New Hampshire justice system. They came to Sinsheimer and Associates looking for justice, not money.

With no expectation of profit, we sued each individual who participated in the attack on the victim. Our aggressive and steady efforts forced the individual’s homeowner’s insurance policies to defend. Ultimately, they all contributed to a substantial fund in memory of our client’s loved one.


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