Police Brutality / Civil Rights

Police Brutality / Civil Rights

police_brutalityNo one should suffer abuses at the hands of the police. There is no particular image of what the victim of police brutality looks like, it could happen to anyone. There are many forms that abuse takes on: physical violence, false arrest, illegal strip search, wrongful prosecution, inhumane treatment and more. We fight to ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable; and, where possible, push for change in the system.

Notable Wins




Cops gang up and beat a plain clothes officer
PLAINTIFF’S AWARD $1,200,000 After a shooting that left a young man bleeding to death on the floor of a local pizza parlor, the Boston Police Department engaged in a high speed chase that ended at a dead end parking lot. In the chaos that followed a plain clothes police officer was mistaken for one of the suspects. He was viciously beaten by his fellow officers and then abandoned. No officer was criminally charged. The only justice the victim received was through a civil lawsuit in Federal Court. This case became the factual basis for the book “The Fence” by Dick Lehr.
Shot by Police
After a brief car chase a 30 yr old man lost control of his vehicle slamming into a telephone pole.  While disoriented, possessing no weapons and moving away from the police; the man was shot by an officer in the back shattering his kidney and severing his aorta.  He barely survived, having to undergo months of hospitalization and therapy.
Man with no criminal record loses two fingers
PLAINTIFF’S AWARD Our client was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol. While incarcerated police slammed his hand in the cell door severing the tips of two fingers.
False Arrest Burke v. Walpole, 405 F.3d 66 (1st Cir.2005)
$518,882 In July 2009, the First Circuit Court of Appeals wrote the final chapter in a ten year battle for justice on behalf of a victim of a wrongful arrest; upholding a judgment against a Massachusetts State Police Trooper.



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