Personal Injury

Personal Injury

civillawPersonal Injury is more than just a car accident. Personal injury covers the whole realm of ways that you could be hurt because someone else was negligent. Call us to get help to pay back medical bills, lost wages, and money for your pain and suffering. Maybe the best thing to do is to give you some examples:

Notable Wins




Products Liability

Design failure by major automotive manufacturer

$5,500,000 This was a complex “Crashworthiness” case. A major automotive manufacturer designed a “minivan” with insufficient restraints in the rear bench. The lead plaintiff was a mother of three seated in the rear right passenger seat. Her car was broadsided, causing it to spin out of control. She was left brain damaged and paraplegic, not because of the crash itself but because her head struck an unpadded bar. This would not have occurred if the shoulder harness were properly constructed.
Medical Malpractice
$2,500,000 A major Boston Hospital allowed a mother who had just given birth by “C” section to bleed to death.


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