Employment Law

Employment Law

employmentVictims of discrimination are uniquely injured because they have been targeted for a personal, immutable characteristic. Hate and prejudice are things you read about, but when it happens to you, it can leave you feeling powerless. Gender, race, age, religion, sex, and disability are just some of the areas that are protected by state and federal laws. We can help give you back the power to stand up for yourself.

Notable Wins




Harrington v. Aggregate Industries-Northeast Region, Inc., 668 F.3d 25 (2012)
Over $100,000 “Big Dig Retaliation” case.  Shortly after alleging that his employer was using substandard concrete on the Big Dig project, our client was subjected to various retaliatory actions culminating in discharge.  The temporal proximity between these retaliatory actions and our client’s execution of a settlement agreement regarding the Big Dig claims created, in the Court’s words, “a reasonable inference that the appellant was terminated for retaliatory reasons.”
Race Discrimination
Substantial (and confidential) CASH settlement An African American police officer in a major Massachusetts city was the victim of racial harassment and discrimination by fellow police officers.  The racism was not overt; it was subtle but pervasive.  Over time, it appeared he had been subjected to unjust, continued, intolerable racial harassment, bypassed for at least one position, and subjected to unstructured punishment for no apparent reason.
Age Discrimination

Got his job back and his legal fees were covered.

Our client was 55.  For years he had been a valued employee of a large national healthcare company.  A younger man was hired and began to gradually assume our client’s duties.  A few weeks later, the president of the company – believing he was being subtle – suggested that our client might wish to resign.  When our client did not resign, he was forced to choose between termination or accepting a different position with the company for a substantially lower salary.  He accepted the lower salary and hired our firm.

We filed suit.  Very shortly thereafter, the company named a new President who personally flew to Boston from Denver to resolve the matter.

Age Discrimination
Six-figure severance package, positive references, agreements to not contest unemployment,
substantial extension of health benefits.
An executive level client at a prestigious local education institution believed he was the target of age based discrimination.





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