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No matter how major or minor the crime is, it is a very serious matter for the person accused. Sinsheimer & Associates understands that being accused of a crime affects more than just the person accused; it has a very real impact on that person’s family.

The lawyers of Sinsheimer & Associates understand that our clients will have a lot of questions. Part of our job is to take the mystery and fear out of the criminal justice system. We believe that the more information we can arm our clients with, the better we can navigate throughout the process, and with more success. Our #1 goal in every criminal case is to preserve our client’s freedom and liberty.


Notable Wins





First Degree Murder – False Identification

NOT GUILTY Our client, a young African-American man, was accused of the execution style killing of another African-American male on Blue Hill Avenue outside of a night club at closing time. There were multiple eyewitnesses to the shooting. After trying the case twice to hung juries, a Suffolk Superior jury acquitted.
NOT GUILTY The Defendant was the mother of a major marijuana dealer. She was charged with helping him launder the proceeds of marijuana transactions by placing a parcel of his real estate in her name. After a two week trial, she was found not guilty.

36 counts in Federal Court Southern District of New York

NOT GUILTY Our client was a lifetime scientist – a model citizen with no criminal record. After retiring from a firm in which he had high security clearances, he began a mortgage company on Cape Cod, more as way of keeping busy than to make money. Unfortunately, he was duped by big time New York City Mafia into moving millions of dollars of worthless, fraudulently obtained private notes. The F.B.I. believed that he developed the scheme and taught it to the Mafiosos. After a six week trial in New York City, he was found not guilty of all charges.
NEGOTIATED PLEA Our client was a college student charged with rape after taking home a girl he met at a Sorority party. He was able to stay in school, travel abroad in the summers, and pled to a misdemeanor to avoid any chance of a conviction requiring registering, potentially for life, with the Sex Offender Registry Board.
PRE-TRIAL PROBATION Our client was charged with Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle and a number of other moving violations after he had driven his car under the influence of prescription medication and caused a serious accident, resulting in the destruction of a local business. We convinced the Commonwealth not to prosecute the OUI, and our client was allowed to maintain his innocence during the pendency of his 1 year Pre-Trial Probation.
DISMISSED Our client was accused of having hit his girlfriend multiple times, causing bruising and a sprained ankle. Through strong negotiations and independent investigation, we were able to convince the Commonwealth to dismiss the case.


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