Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

civillawThis area of law covers a wide range of litigation with the goal to be compensated for a wrong. It also crosses over with Personal Injury, Business Law, and Police Brutality.

Notable Wins




Will Contest

Neighbor tricks dying Uncle into cutting family out of will

PLAINTIFF GETS HOUSE AND CASH TOTALING OVER $800,000 Our client was the nephew of a 92 year old man who had no wife or children. Our client cared for him in his old age. At some point, the elderly gentleman wrote a will naming our client primary heir. Several months later, after multiple hospitalizations for stroke and dementia, the elderly gentleman changed his will, naming a neighbor from across the street. We successfully prosecuted the will contest, and the family of the deceased was able to recapture the entire estate.
Products Liability

Design failure by major automotive manufacturer

$5,500,000 This was a complex “Crashworthiness” case. A major automotive manufacturer designed a “minivan” with insufficient restraints in the rear bench. The lead Plaintiff was a mother of three seated in the rear right passenger seat. Her car was broadsided, causing it to spin out of control. She was left brain damaged and paraplegic, not because of the crash itself, but because her head struck an unpadded bar. This would not have occurred if the shoulder harness was properly constructed.
Medical Malpractice

Mother dies after C Section

$2,500,000 A major Boston Hospital allowed a mother who had just given birth by “C” section to bleed to death.


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