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Anatomy of a Criminal Case

The Purpose of a Lawsuit Learning that you are being charged with a crime can be a very scary thing.  For most people, all you know about how the criminal justice system works is what you have seen on the television show Law & Order.  This article is no substitute for hiring a lawyer, but […]

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APPEALS The Purpose of a Lawsuit What do you do when the trial in your case is over and the worst possible thing happened—you lost?  You may be able to appeal. If you have lost a case and you believe that a legal error occurred that caused or substantially contributed to your loss, then you […]

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Collateral Consequences to Criminal Convictions

COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES TO CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS Learn what comes with a guilty finding.  You might be surprised to find out that it is more than a question of jail.A guilty finding in a criminal case can carry more with it than just the question of whether or not you may be going to go to jail. […]

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What To Do If You Are Pulled Over for Drunk Driving

In the unfortunate event that you are pulled over for operating under the influence (this could be for alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or over the counter medication), there are a few things one should know.1 The first thing you should remember is that the police are trained to watch your every move.  They are […]

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ANATOMY OF A CIVIL LAWSUIT The Purpose of a Lawsuit A lawsuit is a means for someone to obtain compensation for an injury caused by another party.   The injured party who brings a lawsuit is called a “plaintiff,” and the party whom the plaintiff sues is called the “defendant.”  The plaintiff or defendant may […]

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