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Anatomy of a Criminal Case

The Purpose of a Lawsuit Learning that you are being charged with a crime can be a very scary thing.  For most people, all you know about how the criminal justice system works is what you have seen on the television show Law & Order.  This article is no substitute for hiring a lawyer, but […]

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APPEALS The Purpose of a Lawsuit What do you do when the trial in your case is over and the worst possible thing happened—you lost?  You may be able to appeal. If you have lost a case and you believe that a legal error occurred that caused or substantially contributed to your loss, then you […]

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Collateral Consequences to Criminal Convictions

COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES TO CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS Learn what comes with a guilty finding.  You might be surprised to find out that it is more than a question of jail.A guilty finding in a criminal case can carry more with it than just the question of whether or not you may be going to go to jail. […]

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ANATOMY OF A CIVIL LAWSUIT The Purpose of a Lawsuit A lawsuit is a means for someone to obtain compensation for an injury caused by another party.   The injured party who brings a lawsuit is called a “plaintiff,” and the party whom the plaintiff sues is called the “defendant.”  The plaintiff or defendant may […]

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On October 3, 2014 , a federal jury awarded our client, Scott Matalon, the sum of $50,000.00 against Boston Police Sergeant Mary Ann O’Neil and Officer Joseph Hynes. Mr. Matalon had been asleep in his home when O’Neil ordered police to rush into his home with a dog and a gun, looking for a suspect […]

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